Celestial Sails is a Family Owned and Operated Business that is now in it’s Sixth Year though the Captain has been a Professional Sailor for almost Twenty Years and a Sailboat Racer for another Ten Years Prior to being a USCG Captain and US Sailing Certified Instructor. Sanjay Singh, PhD, was the Instructor Trainer at Chicago Sailing before leaving their in 2010 and Opening His Own Sailing Charter and School Six years Ago; One of the Best Decisions He’s Ever Made! When not on the Water, Sanjay is a Clinical Research Scientist at the Hines VA Hospital where he has research interests in neural control of the heart, heart failure, and arrhythmias as Director of the Cardiovascular Collaborative (CVC). Sanjay also has research interests in Neuralprosthetics for Spinal Cord Injury Patients and in the Role of Nutrition in Heart Disease and Diabetes. Sanjay collaborates with members in the Cardiology, Urology, and Pharmacology Departments at Loyola University Medical Center on various research projects. Sanjay also has important research on the role of Nutrition, particularly magnesium, in ADHD using electroencepholography (EEG) at East-West University in Chicago. Fortunately, Sanjay is not on the Water as much as he would like, otherwise his Goals of Reversing Disease would take even longer! If you’re interested please ask Captain Singh questions about his Clinical Research, particularly about Nutrition as you may be surprised at the Nutrition Myths that abound! Sanjay can be reached at 630-707-3507 for technical questions or regarding sailing classes. He can be reached by email at SensoryOne@gmail.com or by info@celestialsails.com. Please call only between 10am and 10pm.

Your First Mate is Naresh Singh, PE, who is also Sanjay’s Father but most just call him “Pops.” Naresh is a semi-retired Chemical, Petroleum, and Pharmacutical Engineer who has been involved with designing petroleum refineries for some of the largest Petroleum giants, like Amoco, and designing drug production plants for Pharmacutical giants, like Merck. He has been working as an Engineer for 50 years! Now, his goal is to make sure you have a Great Time of Your Charter! For Scheduling and General information call Naresh at 630-707-9441. He can be reached by email at NareshPSinghPE@gmail.com. Please call only between 10am and 8pm.

Quality Time with Friends

Wedding Showers & Birthday Parties on The Lake!

Learn How to Sail on 44-Foot Beneteau

Air & Water Show is Amazing from The Lake!

Navy Pier Fireworks Wednesday & Saturday

Sailing is Flying on the Water!


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