Sailing is Like Flying on the Water! Learning to Sail, though, is not as complicated as you might think but everyone should take professional lessons before they begin their sailing careers. Knowing how sailboats behave in heavy weather and waves and what to do with the sails as wind velocity increases is essential knowledge for every sailor. Similarly, knowing how to pick up a crew that accidentally falls overboard is a vital skill for every boater. The Fundamentals of Sailing (190) course covers essential safety skills like Crew-Overboard Recovery, Heavy-Weather Tactics, and Safety at Sea. In addition, the course covers the Points of Sail, Tacking and Jibing, Weather & Wind, Heaving-To, and Essential Knots. Every Student rotates through multiple Sailing Stations, like the Helm, Main Sheet, and Jib Sheets, and learns through hands on experience and on-board instruction and discussion.

As apposed to other sailing schools that teach in small craft, we teach our Fundamentals of Sailing course on a large 44-Foot Beneteau that is both stable and safe as well as agile with a hull designed by Farr, the famed racing yacht designer. Even in heavy weather, the Beneteau 440 Oceanis is a Rock-Solid Sailboat and when sailing in heavy weather Stability is a Must! As Importantly, your US Sailing Certified Instructor, Sanjay Singh, PhD & USCG Captain, has multiple decades of Sailboat Racing, on Solings and Beneteaus, and Professional Sailing experience. Before opening Celestial Sails Sanjay was a Sailing Instructor Trainer teaching Instructors how to teach sailing. Further, Sanjay has over 16 years of Medical School teaching and 12 years of Graduate and Undergraduate Teaching experience that, combined with his sailing experience, translates into a Superior Sailing Learning Experience for You: The Student! Sanjay is arguable One of the Best Sailing Instructors on the Great Lakes and the added benefit of learning from him on a 44-foot Beneteau at Our Rates is A Unique Opportunity!

The Fundamentals of Sailing class meets for 15 Hours and is divided into three 5-Hour sessions. Typically, sessions are Saturday-Sunday morning or Monday & Wednesday afternoon; if there is sufficient interest, with minimum of four students required per class, other class times can be offered. Students are expected to study the required textbook, not included in the cost for the course, before class begins to understand the theory and jargon of sailing so that in the first class session they are prepared to learn how to sail and communicate effectively using sailing jargon. Minimum for class is four new students and maximum is five, though rarely a sixth student making up a class may also attend. Sailing gloves are required though other gloves that will protect your hands from rope-burn and injury, like gym gloves, can be substituted for sailing gloves. In fact, I hesitated using the photograph above because the he does not have sailing gloves on; fortunately, his head is below the boom though it does not seem like it from the photographic angle-Safety First!

For Sailing Classes, our 2017 List Cost for the 15-Hour Fundamentals of Sailing-190 course is $1,000 but we are honoring our ongoing Best-Of Groupon Promotion rate of $449 for the entire 2017 season. Course Covers: Points of Sail, Tacking and Jibing, Safety at Sea, Crew Overboard Recovery, Weather, Heaving To, and Knots. Required Textbook and Sailing Gloves (or similar) are required but not included in the cost. DVD of Course Related techniques and practice line for knots is Provided. Written and Practical Exam Concludes the Course. Course is divided into Three 5-Hour Sessions either Saturday-Sunday mornings or Monday-Wednesday afternoons; Special Course Timings Available with Minimum of Four People and Private Lessons Available. Class Minimum is Four and Maximum is Five with hands on Training at Each Important Sailing Station. Signed Release Forms Required prior to Start of Class. Call 630-707-9441 for Scheduling  or 630-707-3507 for Technical Questions or About Sailing Coursework.

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